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This secure online payroll system, created by Patriot Software, streamlines various processes related to tax submissions and payroll payments. Patriot Payroll allows organizations to issue payrolls electronically via bank… While the software features comprehensive payroll and payment processing tools, it lacks built-in time tracking and expense management solutions, and its third-party integrations are rather limited. Users may benefit from more powerful competitors, such as Sage HRMS.

To explore 12Pay‘s full profile, request access. This is a profile preview from the PitchBook Platform. There are multiple payroll schedules, digital pay slips, and payroll summary reports available.

In the end I just had to process employees the way I thought best. They used to have a forum that was realy useful and their support department would reply to questions quickly, but that forum has been removed. This has all happened since the company got taken over by Iris software. Are they trying to force users to switch to their main Iris software package?

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The vice president for Finance and Support Services, in writing, may approve exceptions to this policy for extraordinary circumstances, prior to commencement of the work for which this exception is proposed. Texas State University is committed to adhering to fair, equitable, and competitive staff compensation policies, programs, and practices. You’ll get 5 x bite-size lessons each week for 6 months, with articles and videos, to change the way you eat and how you feel about food.

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It is not necessary to re-enroll each year. You will continue in the 9/12 Pay Plan Option until you withdraw or until your academic appointment changes to a fiscal appointment. You will need to re-enroll if you later revert to an academic appointment.

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Websites Dropped The number of companies that have stopped using 12Pay Payroll in the past month. Websites Added The number of companies that have started using 12Pay Payroll in the past month. Market Share Indicates the percentage of market accounted for this technology in the Payroll Management category. This information is available in the PitchBook Platform.


The platform offers several support guides and documentation to optimize the client onboarding process. The platform features comprehensive pay calculations and HMRC filings. Base Annual Salary – an employee’s current rate of pay on an annualized basis, not including benefits or any of the exclusions listed in 02.02. It’s not a meal plan but you are provided with 15 easy to prepare recipes for each month of the course. ID card printing program designed for large and medium-sized organizations. You’ll earn points with eligible purchases, get exclusive offers, and see special promotions on featured items.


Don’t bother using them, will be switching payroll software. Provider of payroll software solutions based in England, United Kingdom. While IRIS 12Pay and BrightPay both cater to small and mid-sized businesses in the U.K., the latter is slightly more feature-rich, offering an employee self-service portal and automated taxes. However, IRIS 12Pay is better suited to users on a tight budget, thanks to its free plan. By contrast, BrightPay’s pricing starts at £69.00 +VAT per year. Employees who receive pay above base annual salary in amounts that violate this policy must repay those amounts.

They don’t even respond to email support. Will definitely not be transferring to 12pay’s owners who are IRIS. No Support , I have tried to speak with them umpteen number times e mail not answered . I have been with them for 8 years no a chance in hell will I use them once the current licence expires. From being a great advocate of this software and support, I will now be switching my companies in April to a better supported package.. We will respond in accordance with the CCPA.

Market Share of 12Pay Payroll

Since 1995, SurePayroll has been a leader in online payroll services for small businesses across the country. SurePayroll was the first SaaS payroll provider. It has since grown to be a household name in simple payroll, workers’ compensation, and 401, as well as health insurance services.

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You can create custom plant assets-off policies to simplify the… We have been using the software for 6+ years. I renewed our licence this year, and the VAT amount on the invoice is wrong, however can you trust a company for your payroll software if they want calculate the VAT on an invoice correct? 3+ weeks of trying to get in touch and still no answer. Software not bad and reasonable price but cannot renew my licence. Cannot speak to anybody, the « so-called » telephone support number is not answered and eventually you get cut-off.

Alternative software

You’ll get online tools to track your progress, weight and measurements. Join ThaiFriendly to see 12pay’s and over 1,314,334 other users. No more waiting in line or having to carry a wallet. Contactless payment and managing your memberships is super simple. No, you will remain an academic year employee while on the 9/12 Pay Plan.

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Primo Payroll is an online payroll system that makes it easy to manage your payroll responsibilities. It offers a user-friendly interface, complete control and compliance with all HMRC requirements, including RTI and P6/P9 notification. Additionally, it offers a unique auto-enrolment solution…

  • I scanned my items and tried to pay with Apple Pay but kept getting errors.
  • IRIS 12Pay is a payroll platform that provides U.K.-based small and mid-sized companies with comprehensive payment and tax services to efficiently manage various accounting tasks.
  • As many have found, this was a nightmare, mostly caused by the interface between payroll and the pension provider .

One user on G2 gave the software a 4.5-star rating, noting both its comprehensive payroll features and initial learning curve. Pay above base annual salary from sponsored program funding sources is not permitted unless the activity meets the compliance requirements as noted in each sponsored program agreement and sponsor guidance. Patriot Payroll is a fully integrated HR and payroll management software.

The 12Pay product is designed to make it easy for small and medium sized employers to do their own payroll. It is also ideal for use by accountants or payroll bureaus for their clients’ payrolls. Other Staff – regular duties assigned by the staff employee’s supervisor.

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