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Truck availability is always at the utmost importance to us at Latham Pool Products and all year long Transport N Service consistently comes through. The value that TNS adds to their service is once the truck is built and paperwork is cut there are no worries that the goods won’t deliver.

logistics company testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Your professionalism, hustle, and integrity are greatly admired and appreciated. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. We look forward to growing our relationship up with you.

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Instead they very graciously corrected my error and did not make me feel worse about the mistake I made. Sweetweater Logistics has proven over and over their ability to respond to our business logistic needs, and personal attention to shipping and packaging needs and concerns with an effecient and timely matter. They care about the products and shipping, like it is their own, and we have a partnership that is essential in the world of continued high level customer expectations.

logistics company testimonials

We don’t have to worry about the shipment from the moment it leaves our location and Transport N Service communicates directly with the other end for a smooth transaction. I’ve restored vintage motorcycles, cars, and most recently, a 1965 John Deere tractor. I purchased the tractor online from reviews a seller in Indiana without questioning how I would get it to my home in Wilmington,NC. When I called the most well-known shipping service in the country to inquire about a freight rate, I was floored by the price they quoted. It was $300 more than what I paid to purchase the tractor!

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We look forward to many more years of successful and on time business with Transport N Service and would not hesitate to recommend your services to any potential company. With warehouses all around the US, TNS looks after our California and Houston warehouses as well as direct customer in Bristol Tennessee. In addition to full truck loads TNS on a number of occasions has helped us out with LTL freight and with the same level of service as our full truck loads. TNS also is more than willing to help out when our other carrier can’t accommodate us. The team at Matchmaker Logistics confirms our trucks at least one week in advance which helps me with monthly planning. Since I ship 2-4 loads per week, I rely on Matchmaker’s proactive communication in order to manage my inventory flow and staffing schedule.

  • My water damage restoration company received a call from a customer who had a broken pipe in her home.
  • I sent a pallet from Toronto to Quebec and the delivery time for the shipment was 24 hours.
  • Jennings International has been in business building Extrusion Equipment for the PTFE market since 1953.
  • The customer service agent was very professional and reliable.
  • We set up our first shipment with Freightera entirely online and in under 15 minutes…
  • We stumbled and bumbled along like this for a while, until I was able to call Matchmaker Logistics to come to our rescue.

It was our first time shipping from the USA to Canada and they were the best quote for our shipment. I can’t say enough about how they took care of me especially since it was my first time. They were the only company that was so helpful over the phone without constantly asking me to go to their website. Shout out to Helio and Henrique who made my experience even better! Definitely going to continue to use them again.

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